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Adam Friedel Artist Family "tree"                                                                            in ENGlish

Adam Friedel the world famous lithographer is my great-great-great-grandfather. My father's half brother there genealogist made me aware of it. All my life I have felt different with all the art that is inside me. But it has to do with ancestry. Adam Friedel was married and lived in Denmark and had children there. He later went to England where he became known as a lithographic artist. He married there too. Now I think that when we have 3 artists in Denmark who are descended from Adam Friedel, I wonder if there are no artists elsewhere, for example in England. How many are we? If you are a relative of Adam Friedel, send me an email if you want to join Friedel Tree. A trunk "tree" for Adam Friedel family.


Varm regards Artist Lotte Kjoeller Friedel Therkelsen from Denmark

Adam Friedel lithograph

Into the Museum's Collection

Lord Byron, an English philhellene. Handpainted lithograph by Adam Friedel from the album "The Greeks. Twenty four portraits of the principal leaders and personages who have made themselves most conspicuous in the Greek Revolution", London - Paris, 1829.

Adam Friedel lithograph

Portrait of Manto Mavrogenous . 1827. Adam Friedel  (1786–)   Description Danish painter and publisher Date of birth/death 1786 19th century Work location London (1833 - 1845) Authority control : Q349403 VIAF: 23331963 GND: 133524914 229 Friedel - Manto Mavrogenous


Copyright: Lotte Kjoeller has copyright on this page and the pictures. It is not allowed to steal.

I have bought permission to use the 6 pieces of art of Adam Friedel to the net. Permission is bought by Alamy

Adam friedel kunstner Familie "træ"                                                                         in danish

Adam Friedel den verdenskendte litograf er min tiptiptip oldefar. Min fars halvbror der slægtsforsker gjorde mig opmærksom på det. Hele mit liv har jeg følt mig anderledes med al den kunst der findes indeni mig. Men det har med aner at gøre. Adam Friedel var gift og boede i Danmark og fik børn der. Senere tog han til England hvor han blev kendt som litografisk kunstner. Han giftede sig også der. Nu tænker jeg jo at når vi findes 3 kunstnere i Danmark der nedstammer fra Adam Friedel mon så ikke der findes kunstnere andre steder eks. i England. Hvor mange mon vi er? Er du slægtning til Adam Friedel så send mig en mail hvis du vil deltage i Friedel Tree. Et stam"træ" for Adams Friedels efterkommere.


Hilsen Kunstner Lotte Kjøller Friedel Therkelsen


I will ask every relative artist or relative who is in family with Adam Friedel or knows a relative dead or alive to contact me Lotte Kjoeller Friedel Therkelsen here. If there is enough people I will make an artpiece for Adam Friedel relative here.

"Aner" or "Genus"     in    lotte kjoellers    Gallery, copenhagen, dK    feb. 2020

Artist Lotte Kjoeller present in her Gallery her artist family for first time 2020 during an exhibition "Aner" or in english "Genus" with her father Skippers / Adam Friedels family right down.

You see paintings of daughter Lotte Kjøller and photoes of father Skipper here. Skipper is dead.

Sister Eva Cristensens brown paintings in the middle

Lotte Kjoellers blue paintings right up

A lithography of grand grand grand father Adam Friedel were present too - see down.

See more here:

Lotte Kjoeller got in acording to this exhibition an Adam Friedel lithography of her fathers family. Lotte sit under it here. It hangs now in her studeo.

Lotte Kjoeller with her paintings

Lotte presenting little sister Eva Cristensen paintings

Lotte Kjoeller paintings and "Skipper" photo in middle and right.

Lotte Kjoeller in the exhibition "Aner" with her paintings.

Skipper photo in the middle.


All photoes: Made of Barry Pringle

Poaster from the very first exhibition "Aner" - or "Genus" in english. Artists is: Artist Lotte Kjoeller. Father "Skipper". Sister Eva Cristensen. Grand grand grand father Adam Friedel.

Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2020

Contact Adam Friedel - Tree here

Fill The form and send a message here or contact Lotte Kjoeller at her email:



Artist Lotte Kjoeller

Lotte Kjøller Friedel Therkelsen





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